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“I've tried so many apps but I've never come back to something so consistently as I do with Danica's meditations. She makes it so simple, easy, and something I genuinley look forward to adding to my day. I'm hooked in the best way!"

Teodora, 27

"My mindset has completely transformed. I feel like I can move through my day with so much more trust and confidence, and it feels so good to know I have tools to support me every day."

Caroline, 43

“I have learned so many techniques and tools that I have now incorporated into my daily activities. Thank you Danica for guiding me on my way to creating my own meditation practice!”

Helen, 44

“Danica makes meditation simple and easy to do as a daily practice. I find her voice is so calming and I always feel very grounded and relaxed after doing any of her guided meditations. I am so grateful for both her guided meditations and her kindness in guiding me with my practice. She is truly amazing!”

Janet, 57

“Danica shares the science of habit change, which has been incredibly helpful in making meditation a daily practice. I've tried multiple apps but Mind Shift is the only one I keep coming back to. I feel so accomplished doing my practice every morning, it's the perfect way to start your day!"

Lauren, 29

“As a newbie, you have made it so easy for me to include meditation into my daily routine. My anxiety has improved, and I feel so much more calm despite so much uncertainty. Thank you!"

Ali, 26

“THANK YOU. Your tapping meditations have become a daily staple in my routine and have worked so quickly to completely transform how I feel. I am shocked at how effective they are. Please continue sharing them!"

Becca, 23

“The Mind Shift program has completely transformed my daily routines and my relationship with myself. My mind feels clear, I’m kinder to myself, and I always feel centered and at ease after my daily practice — I can't thank you enough!"

Talia, 27

"I love the variety of meditations and tapping sequences. There's always something to match my mood or help set me up for my day and your voice just puts me to ease. Thank you for putting this all into one place."

Jordan, 34

“Absolutely love the meditations and tapping sequences. I truly feel better everyday I commit to these practices."

Elena, 29

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